About Us

Eren Tarım, established in Mersin in 1993 and operating on an area of 18.000 square meters is one of Turkey’s leading companies in fruit&vegetable export.

Our company supplies it’s customers in international markets under competitive terms high quality and reliable produce. Eren Tarım donors its obligations meticulously towards the produce expedited all the way to end customer by picking from the orchards under expert’s supervision and packing the same at its hygienic packing facility equipped with advanced tracking&process technologies. 

We handle an average 25.000 tons of citrus and 10.000 tons of fruits&vegetables per year in our packaging facility. Our produce and operations are GLOBAL GAP and ISO22000 certified. We export to 62 countries and 4 continents as of 2017 and are capable of supplying over 60 varieties. With our own cold room facility with capacity over 2000 tons we posses the means for long term storage and de-greening operations. 

We also provide seamless re-export services to meet demands from our customers and supply from other regions and countries as well as per season requirements during the year. 


Our values


Our policy ensures complete openness and trust within our team and partners all around the world. In Eren, all offices have glass walls. We are never afraid to show anyone what we are doing at all times and anyone is welcome to visit anyone during the work time. We adopt the same principle when working with our partners, as we believe a companies principles reflects its relations.


We value our employees more than anything. We believe a happy person is a better person. Eren spares no expense in providing a productive and enjoyable workspace environment for all our team members.


We have only one planet and it’s our job for us and our future generations to preserve it. We are using solar power in all our processing stages saving over 1100 trees and 445 tons of CO2 from entering our air each year. We are proud to do our part.